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Juicing during chemo?


Re: Juicing during chemo?

Hi renpen

I’m sorry I can’t advise on juicing but I had a rotten time during chemo and my weight fell to 6st 4lbs, from almost 8st. My GP referred me to the community nutritionist who was able to introduce me to all sorts of food substitutes that are more easily digested and cover the basic nutrition we need. It may include Complan but, hey, if it does its job and the nausea and diarrhoea (in my case, the reverse) cease, it’s worth swallowing your pride. There are some gorgeous desserts and palatable fruit/vegetable drinks.

It’s essential you maintain your weight. I’m currently suffering the long-term consequences of having chemo with low body weight and it’s not something I’d recommend. Ironically I’ve since gained a lot of weight because of one of my meds so I’m a comfy 10 stone for the first time in my life but the damage has been done.

Get onto your GP tomorrow and ask for a referral. It can all be done over the phone, hopefully you’ll be sent samples of things to try and then whatever you find suits you will be prescribed for you.  All the best x

Mrs Kettlebell

Re: Juicing during chemo?

Hi Renpen

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with nutrition right now - and hope your Onc can give you something to help with your upset stomach.  Malnutrition in chemo is a thing, so please do take care. 

Not juicing per se - and I’m neither a medic or a nutrition expert, but have come across Jane Clarke a nutritionist who writes for Macmillan, has her own website and looks to have good advice about nourishment during cancer treatment who may be worth checking out.  I too suffered during my first round of chemo and asked about the use of isolate protein powder to help boost nutrition if it happened again. The nurses checked with the hospital pharmacist against my treatment regime and I was told that, providing no additional minerals/vitamins were added to the powder, this could be beneficial. Something like this might be worth checking with your team? 

The balance between keeping chemo working, good health and nutrition looks to be finely balanced - so perhaps a call to the breast care nurses for advice just to be sure? 

Hope you’re feeling better very soon x



Juicing during chemo?

Can anyone give any advice on juicing during the crappy days after chemo please.

My onc has told me not to take any vitamins or supplements during chemo as the antioxidants can reduce the effectiveness of the toxins that that you are trying to keep in your body to do the cancer.

After two rounds of HCTP, both times I have ended up so low for a week that I can barely get out of bed with really upset stomach.  In normal circumstances I’d be reaching for a Berrocca at least!
I know I’m short on nutrition as I’m barely eating during the bad week and vegetables go right through me, undigested  

All the juicing recipes that I look at seem to focus on being antioxidants, whereas I need nutrition and an energy boost, but I don’t want to do anything that will lessen the good effect of the chemo.  Any suggestions gratefully received!