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Re: Nails

Thanks for sharing! My friend has breast cancer, and I feel so bad about it. I try to be supportive, and I try to convince her to fight for her life. It is sad to see how she is not interested in everything now. I think people having cancer should continue living great and having a good time, including getting their nails done. I visit one of the haircut schools to have a procession, which is also my passion. I've recently convinced her to have her hair done, and she agreed. I assume it is a small win. She even said she liked it and smiled. I hope she will be better and fights the disease.


Re: Nails

Hi @mel1989 , 

Someone on here recommended Polybalm, or rather it was recommended by their consultant, for nails. It has been developed for people going through chemo to protect their nails. It is expensive but I thought it was worth a try - I ordered it off Amazon. I am only completed 3 chemo sessions so far but nails are doing ok. I use it at least twice a day. I have not tried painting them dark colours as I thought taking the polish off and on normally ruin my nails anyway and they would end up chipped.

I am also using nail oil. When it was sunny weather last week I put sun cream on them. Not sure if it makes a difference. 

Good luck with your treatment. X



Has anyone used anything other than nail polish on there nails during treatment?

Still early days for me and have been using dark purple nail polish however it doesn't last long before its chipped and looks awful!

I am so used to having gels acrylic prior to treatment i miss having a colour on my nails, helps to make me feel happy.