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Scalp cooling and hair washing

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Re: Scalp cooling and hair washing

I had wonderful results with the cold cap - just a bit of thinning and this was my routine:


Wash once about a week after chemo with cool water and NOT under a shower.

Pat dry DO NOT RUB.

Give about 4 squirts of a leave in conditioner.

Comb with a wide tooth comb

THEN LEAVE IT ALONE until the next week and repeat.


The more you fiddle with it the more it sheds. Do that routine even after your last chemo and only go "back to normal" as in under a shower, more than one wash, wash out conditioner, hair dryer, straighteners or whatever a good month after your last treatment - but I left it 6 weeks.


Re: Scalp cooling and hair washing

Hi Alabama


I used Paxman scalp cooling for my 12 weekly sessions.  I usually went to the hospital on a Tuesday and washed my hair Wednesday and Saturday morning.  I mostly used very cool, almost cold, water.


I used baby shampoo throughout and that's been fine.  I also tried with Simple conditioner but didn't get on with it so just went back to my usual one.  I dried my hair using my hairdryer on a cooler setting and also straightened it but didn't take the straighteners too close to the roots.


I'm chuffed to say that, apart from some very minor shedding (I've been pulling less out of the bath plughole than I normally do) I've kept all of my hair.  Yesterday was my last chemo - I move onto radiotherapy on 11th April.


I hope this helps to reassure you.  The cold cap isn't nice and added so much time to my treatment, and I won't say I'll miss it, but I'm so pleased I did it and would do it again in a heartbeat.





Re: Scalp cooling and hair washing

Hi Elefant,


Sorry to hear you're feeling anxious at the moment - we'd just like to let you know we're here for you if you need anything at all.


You can receive a response from one of our specialists to any questions or concerns you have on the Ask our Nurses area of the Forum. You can also get in touch with them on our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000, from 9am Monday.


Wishing you all the very best,




Re: Scalp cooling and hair washing

Hi, I’m on my 2nd AC cycle and I’m following the instructions of Penguin Caps that was my option for capping, washing 2 days before treatment and on the 3rd day after treatment with a plant base xampoo. My hair started shading and I’m very anxious 😟 if it was should expected or should worry from this point. 


Scalp cooling and hair washing

Hi all, how did everyone get on with scalp cooling and washing their hair please?
I had my first chemo and scalp cooling last Thursday, and I am struggling with not washing my hair 🤣 of course I am willing to do all I can to preserve my hair but would love any advice - I have since Just washed it once with baby shampoo, but have ordered Watermans shampoo and conditioner, and I am under the understanding to just wash once or twice a week? No hair dryers and definitely no straightening, many thanks xx