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Seeing weird things after chemo.


Re: Seeing weird things after chemo.

Hi Susie. I’m so glad I spotted your post, though sorry you have the experience.Things are surreal enough without this.  After my third EC treatment three weeks ago, I noticed that sometimes individuals would appear very clearly in my head, some familiar, most not. I have always had a vivid imagination but this is different - they’re ‘real,’ but not there; talking to me and accepted by me as relevant; usually nothing to do with cancer; they aren’t quick flashes but there for several minutes. Then they’re gone. It has puzzled me rather than alarmed me. I’ve just had 4 days in hospital with neutropoenic sepsis and the experiences were particularly strong - and oddly reassuring. Of course it was explained away as symptomatic of my fever. That doesn’t explain earlier experiences. I hope someone can offer you an explanation. 


Re: Seeing weird things after chemo.

Hello Susie B

i had strange things happen after my chemo.  I thought there was people in my bedroom, one been my mum, when I knew there wasn't anyone there, but it seemed so real.  This happened on my 1st chemo and my 2nd.  I did wonder if perhaps it was the streiods, but what ever it was it was just the twice it happened.  I have thought about it since and wondered if it's the chemicals playing tricks on your brain until you get used to it.


Love Tbird x


Re: Seeing weird things after chemo.

Hi Susie 

I understand what you mean, however I have abilities where I can see and communicate with spirit. 

When I was I undergoing chemo, I was seeing a lot more, and I could see my tumour shrinking. I saw angels around me when I was having chemo. 

Take from this what you feel comfortable with, 

i finished chemo in December and can no longer see the cancer, just healthy tissue. 


Susie B

Seeing weird things after chemo.

Hi, this may seem a bit odd, but after my first chemo session on 8th Feb I came home and decided I needed a bit of a rest. Anyway when I closed my eyes I saw these strange 'faces' (for want of a better expression) looking at each other, as though weighing each other up. (said it was weird). On Saturday a similar thing happened, only now the things looked like the strange microbes you see in wildlife programmes (think David Attenborough) which I have called little critters, and they actually appeared to be in battle🤔.  This continued until Monday at which point the little critters were more difficult to see and by Tuesday they'd gone. I think all the chemo would have passed through by then aswell. Although most odd it wasn't scary. After all this I felt for my 2cm unwanted guest, which we've called Gremlim, and I hope I not imagining it but it seems to have changed shape by appearing flatter, I don't want to say smaller just yet. Has anybody out there had a similar experience?  Or is this just yet another side affect of chemo?