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Re: Stubble

Hi JacqB


It's Emily here from Breast Cancer Care. 


Thanks for posting. While you're waiting for replies on here, I just thought I'd let you know that we have a few telephone volunteers who had docetaxol and have experienced hair loss. If you'd like to be put in touch with any of them, feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 1893. I'm sure they'd be happy to talk about their experiences.


Best wishes 

Emily at Breast Cancer 


Re: Stubble

Hello JacqB,


You may not lose it. I had 3 taxotere/docetaxel treatments alongwith 3 FEC.  I did have some cold cap treatments however I also shaved my head.  Nearly lost it all durng the FEC.  My hair started growing back during the taxotere treatments and I had lovely fresh bits covering the bald bits.  I finished the treatment in March 17 and by near end May 17 I had a decent thick fuzzy covering and I felt warm enough to kiss the hats goodbye (never did wear the wig - still in its box - just use to wear hats!).


 Mind you, it did look like someone had thrown a bottle of frizzy perming lotion over me (rather than having curls as a lot of people seem to get) but that may be due to the pre chemo texture being thick and wavy.  In the end, I was just glad to get my hair back after the docetaxel treatment as I am aware that some people never do.


Best Wishes to you  x



Hi all
Does anyone know if and when hair loss is complete on docetaxel? I shaved a number one after my first round when my hair started shedding, but I still have a good deal of stubble covering my whole head after round three. Does it all go eventually? Would love to hear others’ experiences with hair loss
Jacq x