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Taxo and herceptin

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Re: Taxo and herceptin



Very common and it will not go away until after your last treatment BUT you can try 2 claritin hay fever tablets  per day 12 hours apart. It helped lots of us, this is why: http://myangrycancer.blogspot.com/2013/02/claritin-is-worth-its-weight-in-gold.html


Even if it does not eliminate it totally you need far fewer tablets for the pain.


Re: Taxo and herceptin

I already had arthritis in my knees before I started treatment but when on  Taxol I could hardly walk and needed Tramadol for the pain, which was quite effective. I expected it to get much better when I finished the Taxol and it certainly did improve, although not to the extent I hoped, particularly given that I dropped 3 1/2 stone during treatment. Unfortunately I found out that it's also a side effect of Herceptin so I'm managing until I finish in July and hoping for the best.


I was already taking turmeric before I was diagnosed which did help, as did CBD oil (if I can get the dose right!) but you really need to get some good prescription painkillers and not be fobbed off with the OTC stuff, which I found didn't cut it at all. You may well find that that the pain lessens when you finish Taxol and, if you don't have pre existing joint problems, you could be fine on just the Herceptin.


All the best.


Taxo and herceptin

Hi all first time on here I’m looking for any advice regarding taxo and herceptin knee pain. I had both Friday  over the weekend have been fine, but today has brought me to tears 😭 plz HELP!