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Two week cycles


Re: Two week cycles

I haven’t but, on the bright side, that’s only 6 weeks instead of 9. That can only be good. I won't bore you with my experience of EC.


The best advice I can offer is to check the accuracy of your thermometer. Take it with you to chemo#1 and ask a nurse to take your temperature. Then take it using your own thermometer (I bought a new one, it was faulty, it could have been disastrous if my husband hadn’t insisted I ring the hospital. I had a supposed temperature of 36.5 - it was 40 by the time I was admitted). Better safe than sorry. Oh, and Google NOTHING. Ban it!


Best of luck - you’re in the best of hands now so switch off the worry button if you can and trust them do their job. 

Jan x


Two week cycles

I've got Grade 3 ductal ER8 PR8 HER2+ I'm starting neo adjuvant chemo tomorrow with 3 cycles of EC. It was supposed to be tri weekly (which seems to be usual) and I had just got my head around that when they sprung on my that it would now be every two weeks! Erk! Anyone know what to expect with that?