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Will I need Chemotherapy?


Re: Will I need Chemotherapy?

Thanks @mamma 

All the remaining nodes cleared came back negative so I don't have to have chemotherapy.

Just waiting for a date for my radiotherapy now and then that will be my treatment finished 😊

I hope your treatment is going smoothly and you're coping ok with it.

Sending a big hug.

Rose x 


Re: Will I need Chemotherapy?

Hi happyvibes,

I also had clear margins after my wide local excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy back in October. My lymph nodes were clear too, but I am currently having chemotherapy which will be followed by radiotherapy because my consultant said it was the best course of action. My cancer diagnosis is not the same as yours, but follow the advice of your team and you won’t go far wrong xx


Will I need Chemotherapy?

Hi there,

4 weeks ago I had a lumpectomy and Sentinel Node Biopsy for Invasive Lobular Cancer, 2cm. with LCIS ER+ PR+ HER- Grade 2. Forgot to ask what Stage my cancer was so will ask next time I see the surgeon.

I got my pathology results a few days ago and was told I had clear margins on the tumour, but they had found cancer cells in one of the 2 lymph nodes they had biopsied. I am now going for axillary node clearance in 2 weeks time.

My surgeon explained that if they found cancer in any of the other nodes I would need to have chemotherapy, but indicated that if they are clear then it would still be an option for me.

Has anybody else here had chemotherapy when only one node is involved? I was diagnosed in September 2020 but only had my surgery in December because of various tests and scans that they needed and the waiting time involved for results. I’m worried that the cancer in the node could have been sitting there for quite some time and maybe a rogue cell or two is already circulating in my lymphatic system looking for a new home.

Would be very grateful to hear from others who had the same diagnosis and what treatment you received.

Many thanks.