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Working Through Chemo


Re: Working Through Chemo


Am in a very different position to you.  My work have been very accommodating to fit whatever flexibility I wanted/needed, I made it very clear I wanted to carry on working to some extent early doors.

I am working c50% of the time which allows for treatments and other hospital visits as well as time to feel rough. I mainly work from home but go into the office 1/2 days per month as good to see people and chat face-to-face. They are being very supportive and I am enjoying the fact that I can still feel productiveas well as keep the grey matter ticking over...and paying the bills is quite useful too as have exhausted my sick pay unfortunately.

I do need to reign myself in to not work too much and not do more than I should but think that's beholden on all of us. 

In fact for me cancer has been useful in that its put work very much in perspective which I shall be learning from big time when I return to full time role next year!




Working Through Chemo

I worked full time through chemo, and I think now I finished chemo that maybe I should have slowed down and allowed my body to actually cope. Due to various things with work it just wasn't an option.... what was your situations with your work? Were they understanding and support? Did you struggle? Did any of you work full time too? Did your work offer a sufficient sickness period?