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Worried if I need Chemo


Re: Worried if I need Chemo

Hi Whatatit

great name!

yes I’m the same as you with two types of cancer bilateral and invasive. After my surgical biopsy they sent me tumour to America without discussion and now I’ve to wait to see if I ‘need’ chemo. This came as a shock as chemo was only mentioned in general terms at my first meeting as an after surgery adjuvant therapy. My treatment was deemed to suitable as rads and HT. I now feel as if I’m going through the cancer diagnosis again! I suppose I’m lucky to have my cancer type genetically profiled but I don’t feel lucky it feels like another hurdle. Please let me know how you go on. Maybe you’ve started chemo ? 


Re: Worried if I need Chemo

Hi Sue,


Thats what my thought is as well. I just wish I had asked at my appointment but hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Thank you x 

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: Worried if I need Chemo


I just wanted to add my experience... I also had grade 3 cancer and because of that I needed chemo. This is where the assumption have come from.

Best wishes 

Sue xx 


Re: Worried if I need Chemo

Hi Ann,


Thanks for the reply.


I am also hoping that it is due to communication glitch. I think I will call on Monday and talk to the breast nurse about what was said. If my Oncotype results aren’t back for Tuesday the wait goes on and I don’t think I can wait any longer so hopefully will get answers I need to start moving on with my treatment because life on hold until then.x


Re: Worried if I need Chemo

Hi Whatatit,

These comments are so difficult to handle & it’s hard to read what was meant by it. Obviously, the results of the oncotype will help to decide whether chemo is indicated or not & maybe it just slipped his mind in that instant. The oncologist will sort this out with you. Nothing should be withheld from you & it may just have been a communication glitch. 

ann x


Worried if I need Chemo



I am new here and this is my first post.


I have bilateral cancer which are Grade 3, 30mm Invasive Lobular and a smaller lump which as showing pre cancer cell growth in one side and Grade 1 12mm Invasive Ductal in the other side. I had a lumpectomy 6 weeks ago with lymph node biopsy which has come back clear but had 3 drains and antibiotics twice and large lumpectomy wouldn't heal. I am going to need some reconstruction done on the large side. The a sample has been sent for Oncotype testing and I am currently waiting the results. I am 48 and premenopausal.


The reason for my post is because I went back to the surgeon today to get signed off to go on to the oncologist but during the appointment the surgeon kept saying after chemo and after I have had it he will do the reconstruction before radiotherapy but I am not sure if he knows something I don't and it has been decided that I am having chemo and the oncologist will tell me or he is saying chemo but not doesn't know but is just using incase I do.


It has really worried me and the waiting is driving me mad. It is like waiting for the cancer diagnosis all over again.


I just want to know if anyone else has had to have chemo due to bilateral cancer, due to it being invasive, due to have 2 types of cancer?


Sorry for rambling my head is all over the place at the moment.


Many Thanks