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Anxiety about reoccurance


Re: Anxiety about reoccurance

I searched for forums online because I have the same fears. I'm almost 37. Diagnosed with stage  3 idc  her 2+ estrogen positive June 2019. My last herceptin is April 6th After almost 2 years of treatments/surgeries. I can't shake the anxiety of it returning. I just want to enjoy life now but every pain has me freaking out. I joined a virtual support group through my hospital in hopes that helps. 


Re: Anxiety about reoccurance

Hi Jacmx

I so understand your secondaries anxiety. I too had mastectomies 2006 and 2007 to different types of primary tumours.

Ref your spinal fracture, I don't know how old you are and whether post menopause??

Whether your bones are lacking calcium due to it (menopause). Whether you may have oesteoporosis, so your bones aren't as resistant to trauma/a fall, so fracture that much more easily?? Was it giving you pain, as it was scanned??

Why don't you get back in touch with them, to have a deeper discussion about the fracture, why it may have happened, and air your worries/concerns about possible secondaries. Ask if you can have further tests for bone density/calcium levels??

Hope you get some further insight into it, to give you a bit of peace of mind.  xxxx


Anxiety about reoccurance

I'm very anxious about getting secondarys after having breast cancer twice in both my breasts. Had a mastectomy both times re con on one side. I had a scare a few weeks ago but they say it is a fracture in my spine not bone cancer I don't know how I fractured it at all I can't help thinking they have it wrong. Just extremely anxious.