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Anxiety and depression


Re: Anxiety and depression

Hi Mitzy


Join a very large gang riddled with anxiety and depression - how could you not be, at least at times. The whole thing is horrible and I’m sorry you’re suffering. It makes sense, after you’ve completed something so traumatic, that anxiety/depression would set in once you no longer have to focus on treatments and hospitals - but it’s a bit like being left stranded after all that intensive support.


I’ve heard of the Linden Method and had it bookmarked for ages, on a friend’s recommendation, but it’s a big investment of hope as well as cash. I don't believe it’s a scam as it’s been promoted for several years. But I do know that there aren’t any magical cures around so be cautious. We often get promised the earth or see people on tv transformed by one session of hypnotherapy (unrealistic) then we turn out to be the one it doesn't work for. I’ve heard of better results with NLP and/or EMDR for people ‘new’ to anxiety/depression but, if it’s more firmly entrenched (like pre-existing and bc has made it worse) I’d suggest that nothing will really fix it till you get to the root causes. You get a brief respite and back it all comes. Thus speaks the voice of experience!


Is there anything available through your hospital? Is Macmillan active near you? Or one of the bc charities? I’m fortunate to live in a city where there’s a Haven centre but I know people travel long distances to access it’s free support services - maybe you could locate the nearest and see if it’s practicable. In the meantime, I keep recommending people explore what’s on YouTube. I’ve been amazed and I’m glad to say I found some effective stuff, particularly things I could fall asleep to. My favourite is a NZ woman (Progressive Hypnosis) and even my husband approved of Michael Sealey who had him snoring in minutes, leaving me lying with gritted teeth beside him, not daring to resort to the usual kick or sharp command to turn over. With repeated use, I swear some of it has worked (either that or chemo sorted my IBS, which doesn't sound right).


I hope you find something to help. Take care x



Anxiety and depression

Hi, I am new to the forum. I have suffered crippling anxiety and depression since my diagnosis in 2017. I was treated successfully.


unfortunately I am having big trouble getting mental health support in my area and so am always on the lookout for help.


i stumbled across The Linden Method and their retreat. Has anyone heard of it or used it. I don’t know if it is a scam. Anybody?


thank you Mitzy2017