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Diep Recon or stay flat


Re: Diep Recon or stay flat

Thank you Jane.

That is a really lovely answer and certainly helps... Just seems such a big op. But really nice to hear such a positive outcome. Thank you Maria xxx


Re: Diep Recon or stay flat

Hi Maria,

I don't often come on this forum nowadays, but I just felt the urge to have a look, and came across your post!

I had a single mastectomy in October 2018, and had a diep reconstruction in July 2020. I am absolutely delighted with the result. 

I have to say, it was very painful on my abdomen for the first few days. But I recovered quite quickly and it was lovely to have a cleavage again, and a very flat stomach!

I had some lipofilling, in July 2021, where they took fat from my hips and injected above the reconstruction to match it better to my natural breast. I am having the nipple reconstruction, with skin taken from one end of my abdominal scar, under local anaesthetic , in a week's time.

It is lovely to be rid of my prosthesis. My clothes fit nicely and I feel more confident.

It is not perfect, and the scars are still present, though fading. My stomach still feels tight, though not uncomfortable. I imagine it feels like it would if I did lots of abdominal exercises every day!

I have no weakness in my arm, which apparently can be a problem if the flap is taken from your back.

So, in summary, it has been a positive experience for me, and I have no regrets in having the operation.

I wish you luck, whatever you decide.

Love Jane xx


Diep Recon or stay flat


I'm hoping there's someone on here that can help please. I'm confused.... I'm happy living flat, wearing my fillets, occasionally for shape etc. I'm 2 years post double masectomy, chemo, radio etc still having Zolodex/zometa. It's been suggested I can have a DIEP reconstruction. Has any anyone on here had one and how was it? Results, recovery, scars etc Please. Happy for positive and negative outcomes.

Thank you Maria x