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Different size boobs


Re: Different size boobs

Really feeling for you Aftershock, if that's what you want just ask...


I'm totally unbalanced one boob is half the size of other one. i have to wait a year for my reduction. 


This is clearly effecting you so you have to let you consultant know how you feel. Cat Frustrated


Different size boobs

Hiya all after having a lumpectomy and a reduction but they only managed to get one boob smaller ran out of time. I'm having the other one done in a few weeks time but I'm really unhappy (teary) I've.gone one boob is from a size E to a B!! And other a E do you reckon they would be able to help me go the next size atleast up so I'm a C it's really making me down I know I'm lucky to have the lump removed etc just really struggling daily with this x