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Fear of lymphoedema


Re: Fear of lymphoedema

Hi Helen-Mae - I too hope you're healing and recovering well from your op. Hi again Evie too.

Yeh, that's a great tip from you.

Both my arms are immuno-compromised. Just wanted to remind all you avid gardeners, who have to be careful, don't forget to wear long sleeves to protect your arms when you're trimming shrubs etc, roses espesh. And to go careful in the sun, burn wise. Easy to forget these things when the sun does shine(!), as it's somewhat unpredictable these days, hey.

Lots of love

Delly xxxx

Community Champion

Re: Fear of lymphoedema

Hi HelenMae - I hope are recovering well from your operation, sending you my best wishes. Thanks so much for posting about the insect repellent clothing, I’d never heard of that. I too am nervous about getting bitten so will definitely check it out.

Evie xx


Fear of lymphoedema

5 weeks ago I had a lumpectomy and had 3 lymph nodes removed. Since having the operation I am cautious about being bitten or scratched on my left arm or hand.  As a bit of protection I wanted to share with you that I have found some insect repellent clothing in the Rohan shop. Plus I use Deet as my new perfume. 😊