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Getting back into aerobic exercise...


Re: Getting back into aerobic exercise...

Hi! I’ve just gone back to spin class and found that if I wear a Shock Absorber bra and put a ‘pull on’ type bra from Nike etc over it, it’s a bit more comfortable. Hope this helps! Brilliant you are getting back to exercise-it has been a huge deal for me xx


Re: Getting back into aerobic exercise...

Hi Fazza33,


Thanks for your post. 


As you haven't had a reply from the community yet, I just wanted to pass on that a lot of people on here talk about how good the Asda post-surgery bras are, if you wanted to give those a try. 


We also have some information about getting back into exercise after treatment, which I hope might also be useful: https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/facing-breast-cancer/living-beyond-breast-ca... 


Take care, Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 


Getting back into aerobic exercise...

Hi everyone, can anyone offer advice on getting back into sport and bouncing about? 🙂 

I still have some pain in my lumpectomy boob that the BCN says will probably always be there due to radiotherapy damage but she does say that I can't harm myself by getting back into dance fitness and jumping about etc. The problem I have is with support, my sports bra's are good but they aren't holding it well. Has anyone used one of the M&S post-surgery bra's for a lumpectomy and do you think they are any good? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much xx