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How can I go back to work

Sue C
Community Champion

Re: How can I go back to work

Sorry I can't help, but try popping your question on the Work, Finance and Travel section. Also, I understand that Macmillian are very good with work issues.
It's awful the way some employers treat people. I would be inclined to get another job, but only you can decide financially what is best for you.
Best of luck
Sue xx

How can I go back to work

Hi had a bilateral masctomy in 2015  chemo rads ect, I currently valet caravans and it’s very physical work, I ve been off for ten weeks following a hemotoma op , I m supposed to go back to work on Wednesday I don’t want to, the boss won’t give me lighter duties?  There’s been five members of staff left since new owners in June bearing in mind the staff is only thirty ? Question do I go back and suffer tiredness and feeling like poo or do I give up and loose a regular wagexx