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I am petrified!

Community Champion

Re: I am petrified!

Hi Lacey,

Sorry to hear you have this anxiety after all you’ve been through.

Hopefully all’s well & they just need to double check something. I don’t know where the thread is, but another lady here recently was recalled after annual mammo & all turned out to be well, it was scar tissue, if I remember rightly.

Wishing you the best & do come back if you need to. 

ann x


Re: I am petrified!

Ring the nurses on this site or Macmillan if you don't feel able to contact your hospital or GP, don't panic alone. Good luck


I am petrified!

Lacey05 Member
1:02 PM
Hi guys,
I am new to this site so bare with me.
Just five years ago this month,
I had aggressive breast cancer, and it spread to my lymph nodes. I had chemo, radiotherapy and take tamoxifen amongst other things.
I went for my annual mammogram a few weeks ago and have been recalled.
I am very confused, I have been having these mammograms ever since the cancer and the have been no problems.
I am concerned!
Please give me honest feedback!
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