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Is this normal process?


Re: Is this normal process?

Hi KitKat,

Thanks for replying. I spoke to a BCN this afternoon and she fully agreed that the support isn't anywhere near the same as the diagnosis clinic. It is a shortfall but I need to try and be less emotional about these things! Going to try and put it put of my mind and wait for the results!! 

Thanks again, really appreciate you replying xx


Re: Is this normal process?

Hi Fazza


its very scary having the first mammo after treatment isn’t it?


I think it is a bit of a different process.

where I am, you still have the mammo at the breast unit but not on the same day as the ‘one stop shop’ diagnosis clinic.  My radiographer wasnt even aware that it was my first mammo. Only after I told her, as she said she wasn’t provided with that information. I guess I was just another person on her clinic list for a mammo.  That said, she had a very caring manner and did her job with care and compassion I thought.  She told me I would have to wait up to 8 weeks for the results....they actually arrived in 6 weeks....but of course that wasn’t down to the radiographer....just the time scales of the unit.  But yes....a very limited no 6 weeks.... I think probably those who have not been through it themselves don’t get the enormity of that 1st mammo.

i have done ‘1st mammo’ twice now ....in 2013 and again in 2019 (had a recurrence in 2018) and both my experiences were the same at 2 different hospitals.  I just thought to myself ....well as long as they are doing their job properly then that’s ok.... and I did feel that she took her time and did extra scan when she was unsure whether she had got all breast in the image....i guess what I’m saying is that is is probably a bit conveyer belt like....it’s a mammo clinic and they have x amount of people to see and a tight schedule....but at no time did I feel she was rushing me though during the appointment....but obviously the emotional support is not the same as at diagnosis clinics.

i hope your results come through quickly and are are all NED.

take care x


Is this normal process?

Hi there,

I had my first post treatment mammo today and I am shocked at the process. I don't know of this is because of my emotions and the fact that I have been fearful of this appointment but it seemed so cold. 

I was called in, mammo was done and I was told I would get the results in the post in a week or two - that was it. Whenever I have been previously, they have done tests, told me to wait then called me back etc but this was so conveyer belt compared with how I was treated previously. I am so surprised that there was no consideration for the fact this is my first mammo after surgery and radiotherapy and that I was visibly crapping myself. I know how busy they are etc but the difference in care from 1st diagnosis is huge. Has anyone experienced this? Am I being over emotional?


Thanks for reading xx