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Re: Mastectomy

Hi lewy

thank you for your reply, my surgery was 8 weeks ago, same as you Her2+ 4cm. Luckily lymph nodes were clear.

It’s good to hear that your surgery has taken the anxiety away. I think for me that’s one of the reasons I want to have bilateral, I’m finding myself checking and checking, they said 6 monthly mammograms but I don’t want that every 6 months, worrying if I’m going to get a clear result. 

I am now on tdm1 treatment for the next 10 months as there was 8mm left. 

I wish you all the best in your recovery

Julie xxxxxx


Re: Mastectomy

Hi @juliedoc12 

I had my double mastectomy 7 weeks ago. I had 3cm aggressive HER2+ tumour on left side and LCIS on right. Surgeon suggested mastectomy on one side but because of family history I opted for bilateral - so pleased I did. I hope to have recon in a couple of years but am happy to wait.


By having bilateral, I feel that most of the anxiety is now gone, indeed, my surgeon has now told me that I am disease free and by having all of my breast tissue removed (hopefully), I have just about eradicated the chances of it coming back. win win


Re: Mastectomy


sad to hear your having to walk the path like others!

I would however suggest that it’s good you have a choice to make, maybe focusing on the control you have in terms of this will help with your decision. I fully appreciate none of us wish to have walked this path but I do think there is a positive aspect to having a choice! 
also you have time to speak with others on the forum who have had the same experience or options presented to them hopefully they can offer you more support. 




I’m on chemo 4 of 8. The surgery is looming I am finding it hard to decide whether or not to go ahead with a double mastectomy. The right side is the affected breast, tumour was 4cm Her2 positive, ultrasound next week (hopefully chemo has done the job ) 

I spoke with my consultant who said I would be referred for psychological assessment and it’s a personal choice but with 4 women in the family who have had breast cancer.........

i just don’t want it coming back in the other side......

I know I don’t have to make the decision yet.

thanks, Julie xxxx