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Rib Pain


Re: Rib Pain

I had single mastectomy in 2016 and have sore patches on ribs, both sides (have done for the last year or so). Had 6 sessions of chemo after surgery (adjuvant therapy) but no radio. Have had x-ray and apparently all good. If you're worried or concerned see your GP or oncologist (if you're still under one). Any pain or ache is a concern after what we've been through. I was told to report everything - even if it turns out to be nothing - best to be sure!


Re: Rib Pain

Hi Laura, I had chemo, mastectomy & full lymph node removal & 15 sessions of radiotherapy 3 years ago. Since the end of my treatment my ribs have been constantly painful, they have confirmed that I have permanent damage from radiotherapy. I have had a few scans and just recently a CT scan & everything is fine. I wear a pain patch over the sorest area at night to help ease the pain. As long as I know it’s nothing sinister then I am happy to live with it. It is hard not to freak out, trust me I know! x
Community Champion

Re: Rib Pain

LauraLL - just to re-assure you, exactly as Chick has said too - it's very common to have tender spots around the rib area - it's generally caused by scar tissue and also radiotherapy makes the problem worse!

I had a right MX last Sept followed by 15 rads in Nov/Dec and in Feb I began to suffer from discomfort and stabbing pains in my rib area - on speaking with the surgeon and having a consultation - he confirmed it is scar tissue - it does apparently improve but takes time - exercise helps.

Also, I see you had lymphs removed - same as I have - again you can suffer lymph drainage issues.

To get advice and to totally reassure yourself speak with your BCN or surgeon.


Re: Rib Pain

Hello Laura,

Sorry to hear that you are having a worrying time at the moment.

Why don't you get in touch with the Breast Care Nurses where you had treatment and get them to check it out.

I had a mastectomy over a year ago and I still have tender spots on touch especially where there is no soft tissue and just bone and ribs. Radiotherapy also exacerbated pain and soreness.

Wishing you all the best 🐥Chick X
Laura LL

Rib Pain

I was diagnosed with DCIS and had a double mastectomy reconstruction and lymph node removal. Lymph nodes were all negative and it was found to be pure DCIS with no invasive cancer.
However 7 weeks after surgery I have some tender spots on my ribs that are sore to touch but not painful otherwise.
But I'm freaking out that they actually missed some invasive cancer and it has spread to my ribs. I did have very narrow margins at my chest wall.