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Softies & bra

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Re: Softies & bra

@Sue Rumble - I just wanted to jump in here about the prosthesis. I had a reconstruction when I had my mastectomy, but my real and implant don’t match so I also need to use things to even me up. I’m surprised you say there is a long wait for a prosthesis - I was given my first one very quickly after I asked for one, and when I called a few months ago about getting a replacement (as it had burst) they told me they could see me pretty quickly. I moved house since my op so this was my experience with 2 different hospitals. Maybe give your BC nurse a call and see if they can help with arranging an appointment?

I tend to use Nicola Jane and Amoena for bras, and now have some “breast forms” from Nicola Jane that I use instead of my prosthesis. My original prosthesis is heavy, and makes me too hot so I’m experimenting at the moment. These are quite thin, so I use 1 or sometimes 2 over my real breast to even things up and I’m much happier with the feel and look. Both these companies have excellent customer services so might be worth a look or a call to see what is on the market.

I hope you find something. Evie xx


Re: Softies & bra

Hi Sue,

been there hun. I recommend ‘crop top’ stretchy (seamless) bras, you can get them in Asda and such like. They are comfy but enough support in the elasticity to do a bit of ‘adjusting’ so you look even. I think the trick to them is they are as wide across your back as they are across your front. Good luck. 


Re: Softies & bra

Do a Google search on been-a-boob. I have used them since my mastectomy in March 2020. May not suit everyone, but they work for me.



Sue Rumble

Softies & bra


I had a mastectomy in Sept 2020 and am finding it very difficult to find a comfortable bra & also to get the softies given to me to look right compared to the other breast. I am very self conscious about looking wonky / lumpy - not been so bad in the winter but as the weather gets warmer I will be wearing tshirts / vest tops & it will be very noticable & is upsetting. I know there is a very long wait for a proper prosethis so has anyone got any suggestions.