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Treatment Escalation Plan

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Re: Treatment Escalation Plan

Not sure what’s going on at the moment but wondering if it’s to do with Covid - read this on my Dads hospital notes - he is elderly but plenty of life in him yet ( in for broken hip ) - it said discussed with patient but it wasn’t !! 
Stage 2 beast cancer very curable - not need for that at all !! 




Treatment Escalation Plan

Stage 2, supposedly treated with curative intent, have had no real lasting issues other than fatigue and arthralgia.  However I ended up with a couple of clots in my lung and spent 3 days in hospital.  Feeling a lot better so was really upset to find my discharge letter stating that DNACPR/ESCALATION OF TREATMENT PLAN is signed off by doctor as yes, if required.  WTF!

And the letter clearly states this discharge letter has been discussed with the patient... No it hasn't.

I feel like some animal waiting to be culled.  All my obs were spot on including oxygen saturation.  Never needed oxygen or anything other than my dalteparin tweaked.  

What on earth is this current obsession with planning someone's death from the moment they're diagnosed, because that's what it feels like.  This have a good death mentality is not for me.  Had I been killed in an accident I wouldn't have had any death other than what happened.   How about letting me have my existing life be free from this kind of fear that's now planted. One plan doesn't fit all.  Person centred care... Total bullsh**.  We're coralled into the palliative pathway at an earlier stage than most will ever realise.  The doctors would have everyone believe that our families, and us, really benefit from knowing when to basically lie down and wait to die, well my family would much rather I died with every single treatment and procedure at least being tried, they have said that's what would give them peace.  That EVERYTHING had been done, futile or not.  The root of all this isn't the person, there is no way to have treatment without a doctor's agreement, it comes down to economics as far as I'm concerned.  So much spin nowadays is on this whole focus of dying well, well how about redirecting the money to the psychology services to deal with the fallout of those who read discharge letters with no warning.  I have no active cancer yet they're lining up waiting for me already.....