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What does normal feel like post surgery?

Deborah doorbar

Re: What does normal feel like post surgery?

Hi crooky,

I had mamoplasty too and have a huge lump to the left of my scar, I am going for a check I weeks after my radiotherapy and spoke to the nurse about this. I am also very worried because I get lots of cysts and just don't know how to deferentiate between cysts and a new lump. It feels like I am checking for a needle in a haystack every time I do a breast check! It terrifies me and is really stopping me moving on after all my treatment.

It's so difficult not to think the worst especially when you don't know what your new 'normal' is 😭




What does normal feel like post surgery?

I had a therapeutic mammoplasty in February followed by equalisation surgery in June with radiotherapy in between and now the dreaded tamoxifen.  It’s taken me ages to touch my new breasts because they don’t feel like they belong to me.  Anyway on the side of the breast where the cancer was I’ve developed a huge lump which is really painful.  I couldn’t feel the original lump so I have nothing to compare it to but I’m not sure whether it’s just scar tissue.  I spoke to my breast care nurse yesterday and she has booked me in to see my consultant next week to check.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I’ve become so paranoid about everything 🥲