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Worried about hip pain

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Re: Worried about hip pain

Hi , it’s always a worry when you have any aches and pains unfortunately .Sounds like you are are very low risk for secondary breast cancer and the X-ray didn’t suggest anything untoward . Are you still under the breast care team , if you are you could ask advice re whether other scans could be done to re-assure you ? Best wishes Jill . 


Worried about hip pain

11 months on from my BC diagnosis in January this year and a mastectomy in March, I was sent on my way with Tamoxifen in May.  Fortunately my IDC was a small grade 1 and overall stage 1 and they tell me I’ll be okay (fingers crossed)!  I haven’t had radio or chemo.  I found out later that it was tubular and that this is low risk for spread but anxiety remains.  Last few months can’t sleep due to pain radiating from my groin down my leg into the calf at night, it wakes me up.  GP sent me for an x-ray that has shown nothing suspicious but minor (presumably arthritic) change.  I would have preferred an MRI but didn’t get one.  Trying to keep things in perspective with every niggle but it’s hard.   Would a standard x-ray have shown any spread?