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DCIS - Lymph Node Ultrasound next test


Re: DCIS - Lymph Node Ultrasound next test

Thank you, Shareena. I will go check those links out.

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Re: DCIS - Lymph Node Ultrasound next test

Hi @Paula Ann welcome to The Forum and thank you for sharing. i'm sure someone will respond shortly to continue the conversation. 

We are sorry to hear about your diagnosis and we hope the Forum useful and supportive. 

The following threads may be useful for you regarding reconstruction and DCIS:

You may also find the Ask Our Nurses section helpful where our Breast Care nurses will be able to answer your questions. 

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DCIS - Lymph Node Ultrasound next test

Hi, I am new to this site & not sure if I am posting in the right area, as there is very little info on if you are to start with a new post or not. I have read some posts already.


Anyway, I have been diagnosed with DCIS. After a needle biopsy on my right side showed abnormal cells in Nov. 2019. A magseed localized excision was done early Dec. & showed invasive ductal carcinoma tumors of 1mm & 4mm with an estimated extent of 65mm w/ positive margins within 2mm all around.


A mastectomy is planned because of the large area involved, but after an MRI (to make sure I did not have any of the same issues on my left side) found a questionable lymph node on the right, cancer side, now they want to biopsy it via ultrasound. This is scheduled for this Fri. Jan. 31. I understand this is to gain further knowledge of if the MRI was right & my lymph nodes could be cancerous.


Question I have...

Does anyone know how it may go if the needle biopsy shows a possible issue, possible cancer? In one thread someone mentioned doing a removal of a few lymph nodes before their mastectomy. Not sure why this course would be taken when it could just be combined with the mastectomy.


My localized excision biopsy  from Dec. 5th still aches, pinches & is darn sore all of the time. I do not wish to go thru another if it can all be done at the mastectomy. Plus, I just want to get this mastectomy scheduled without it being pushed further into the future by another operation before it. So, I am curious what others have had done.


Also I would like to talk about reconstruction, but not sure where to post or read those posts at.