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Pleomorphic LCIS


Re: Pleomorphic LCIS

Hi Hannah 

Welcome to the forum, I don’t have the same diagnosis as you, however I had a radical mastectomy, due to the fact the tumour consumed my skin. I was diagnosed with IDC. 

I had no choice, I am happy though to have it, the tumour and the skin has gone and I had clean margins. Go with what you feel is best for you, I was worried about having just one boob for a while, however this outweighs the alternative. 

Lots of luck 



Pleomorphic LCIS


I have recently been diagnosed with PLICS and would be interested to hear from anyone else who had the same diagnosis as it seems to be quite uncommon.   It seems there are conflicting views on how to treat, but the accepted view is that it is similar to high-grade DCIS.

I had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago to remove what they thought was a 5mm area but it was actually 35mm with no margins and they think it could be much bigger and there could also be invasive disease, so now I have been told I must have a mastectomy.  

So I'm currently considerng whether to have immediate reconstruction or not. Given that they don't really seem to know how bad it is yet, they cannot say what treatment I may need next - so I am thinking best to delay reconstruction.

And another part of my brain is wondering whether I really need a mastectomy at all!!

Be great to hear from anyone else who is or has been in a similar position.

Thank you.