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So I have DCIS


So I have DCIS

Hello lovelies, 

I had my results on May 4th (Starwars day lol) that I have DCIS and they also saw on my MRI some suspicious looking masses (pathology will reveal more on this later on)

I am provisionally booked in for the 21st of June for a SMX SNB and implant reconstruction. 

I've had a chat with my breast cancer support worker, who is sending me so much more info, groups, psychology help ( I have severe anxiety GP upped me yesterday to 100mg Sertraline and also sleeping pills for post surgery recovery) 

I am worried of course about how things will look, feel, heal and what the pathology results will be. It's hard to turn your head off at times. 

But, in a strange way, I feel happier to know the direction things are going in, waiting is the worst part not knowing what will be.

I am really taking a lot of notes from the support groups I am in online too, and using my Finch mental health app which has been invaluable to me.

I do fret about how life will be post op and a lot of issues such as body image and intimacy, and I am so glad the holistic care assessment is there to help put my mind at ease and help me work towards solving these issues.

Unfortunately I am seeing a lot of posts saying there isn't that kind of support in their hospital/area which is really awful, but to those who have just been diagnosed I would say do make your concerns clear and if needed seek counselling, because the more support the better I feel. 

Of course, I understand everyone is different and what works for one person will not for another.

I'm also thinking of booking some flotation therapy sessions as that has been suggested to me by a friend and looks so relaxing, I think it is important to have things like this to look forward to, not just all the appointments etc.


Much love to you all thank you for reading my post xoxo