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So sad

Community Champion

Re: So sad

Hello all,

 Such sad, sad news that is so close to home for me, being 36 When diagnosed with Triple negative breast cancer last year. I absolutely loved Sarah Harding and loved who she was!

I completely agree with Shi, we need to lower the screening age right now. I never thought it would happen to me, especially being so young. It is surprising and scary how much younger we are getting diagnosed now. I now encourage everyone I know to get checked even with the slightest thing or feeling.

 I do hope some change can be made.


 Hope everyone is doing well.


 Lots of love ❤️  Tara xxx


Re: So sad

Yeh. Went to pick up my Daily Mail today, and she, Sarah, and the horrible news of her death due to Breast Cancer, was on the front cover. Didn't "know" of her, as a pop star.  "AGE" comes into it there. But didn't stop me reeling, and feeling so saddened.

Sooo very sad, and sooo very young at 39. Makes you wonder, how the flip did that happen, in this day and age, with all the scans, checks etc.. But it does, unfortunately.

Heartfelt Sympathy and love to all her family,

Delly   xX❤️Xx

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Community Champion

Re: So sad

catt57 ❤️The loss of beautiful Sarah Harding has sadly highlighted the urgent need for screening age to be lowered yet again and no ones listening, the screening age needs lowering now, not in a years time, now ❤️ Sarah’s amazing talent and beauty will live on ❤️ And who can ever forget her dazzling smile like a 1000 lights ❤️ RIP Sarah 💕💕Shi xx


Re: So sad

Dear Catt,

Bless you, Sarah and all the lovely ladies on this site, such sad news Sarah was so young

we all must take good care of ourselves, whatever our age, KEEP CHECKING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN 

Big hugs to you all Tili 🙏🌈


So sad

Heartfelt Sympathy

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if you read in the new today about Sarah Harding aged 39 lost her life to breast cancer, this has hit me hard sorry to say as I love Girls Aloud , she was stunning a fab singer,

she will be sadly missed by all, I send all my love and thoughts wishes to her family and friends.

Sleep Tight Gorgeous S.H you will me missed 😥😥😥💖