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About to start chemo


Re: About to start chemo

Thats the way....  a positive and strong approach...well done 💖i found the surgery doable and have also had 15 radiotherapies which again i tolerated well.

onwards n upwards.   Mini mad x


Re: About to start chemo

Thank u mini mad for your tips. It’s nice to know others have been through this and have survived the ordeal. 
I’m going to take it 1 session at a time, think that’s the only way.. think chemo will be the worst bit. X


Re: About to start chemo



i have now finished all my treatment, mastectomy in April then 12 weeks of chemo.

i was Triple Negative so different from you and your course of treatment.


all i will say is drink loadssss of fluids,  i felt so poorly for 3 days due to dehydration.

thought i was having enough liquids but wasnt.  Aim for at least 2 1/2 litres daily.

you can include cups of tea n coffee ( i measured everything to reach my daily amount )

kept 500 ml bottles of water/squash in fridge.  Even milk in your cereal, and  fruit such as melon/pineapple and also ice lollies...  anything liquidy !!!

another tip is to take your temperature EVERY MORNING ,  this way you can see what is ' normal ' for you, and you'll know if you get a temperature.


I didnt cold cap as i get headaches so was advised by my chemo dr not to try it.

i lost patches all over but still had my ' bob length ' hair nbetween so i cut it into a short style.   Its been 3 months since my final chemo n now have a good short covering of hair all over n eyebrows n lashes are almost as before.


good luck for nxt Tuesday,  take one session at a time and you should tell your chemo nurses if you have any problems.   You will have different pre-meds before to sort out if any, side effects.

mini mad xx 💖💖


Re: About to start chemo

Thank you for your response.. I will try it then and keep my fingers (abs everything else crossed)

did you have the same chemo? 


Re: About to start chemo

Cold cap worked for me this seems to be the standard line from BCN nurses I suspect it is well intentioned but I kept most of my hair no bald patches it just thinned . Good luck 


About to start chemo


have just joined this fab group.

i start my first chemo next tues (a week today)

am very nervous about it all.

was diagnosed last month with IDC, her2 neg, grade 2, tumour 5cm with 1 lymph node involvement. and have had all my scans. Met the oncologist yesterday. 

im starting chemo first to hopefully shrink tumour prior to surgery. 🤞

im starting fec-t.

any advice would be very welcome, also wondering if it’s worth trying the cold cap as have been told by my BCn that it is unlikely to work?