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Hair loss and wigs

Kip Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Hair loss and wigs

Hi Mewsreviews, just wanted to say hi and to echo what the other ladies have said so far.  I don't know anything about the hair system you mentioned but I did get a wig.   I too was given a voucher from the hospital for use at one of several local places.  I opted for a synthetic fibre with which had a "lace cap" so that you can see your scalp through it and it look like the hair is coming from you own head.  Really looked good and so easy to look after, just dunk in the sink with some special shampoo, give it a little wash and then pat it dry, shake it out, place it on a wig head (also provided by the shop) and in the morning it was all dry and falls back into style.. much easier than the crazy chemo curls I now have hee hee. In terms of price I think my voucher entitled me to pay the first £70 but Im not sure about human hair ones.   The quality was great and they adjust them to fit your head so that they don't slip at all.

It is a very difficult time coming to terms with the loss of your hair, but I think most of us found, once the shock  is over and its gone, you just have to move forward and deal with the treatments etc, my hair began growing back by Chemo No. 5 and now is thick and curly.  Many ladies use the cold cap too and keep some/all of their hair.

I ordered my wig just as I was starting chemo and the ladies have so much knowledge of chemo patients that she ordered it on priority for me so that by the time my hair went I had it waiting.   There are also so many lovely hats, scarves etc that you may find you don't use the wig much, they can be a bit hot in the warm weather.

Hope this helps

Big Hug to you.



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Re: Hair loss and wigs

Hi Mewsreviews,  I got my wig from hothair.co.uk who have stores in most cities in the UK.  If you get one with a mesh front it gives a natural hairline.  Mine was synthetic and looked very real.  You can get some ideas of styles at least and look for similar suppliers close to where you live.  Xx

Community Champion

Re: Hair loss and wigs

Hi Mewsreviews


I don't know anything about hair replacement systems unfortunately so can't help with regards to that I'm afraid!

I started chemo on 5th October and my hair hung on for about 3 weeks but became limp and lifeless so I had it shaved on 8th Nov but I did have a lot left at this point...you may be lucky and keep it longer or you could try cold capping...that might help with hair loss! 

With regards to wigs...I got a voucher from my oncologist which you can take to any of the salons listed in your area and use the voucher to buy a wig or part payment towards a wig...

The value of the voucher differs depending on which NHS Trust you're under...would be worth asking your oncologist! 

The wigs are actually really good....the better quality ones have lighter weight 'caps' that the hair is attached to! I was talking to a lady one day and I didn't even realise she was wearing a wig...it looked so natural! 👩🏼 The salons usually have plenty in stock to choose from and the wig lady (I'm not sure what you call a wig fitter!) makes sure it fits correctly..or will order you one if required!

You can get natural hair wigs too but they're more expensive


Good luck with your treatment x 🎀🌸






Re: Hair loss and wigs

Hi @Mewsreviews,


We're sorry that you haven't had a reply yet, hopefully someone will come along soon with their own experience and advice.


You may find it helpful to give our nurses a call on our free helpline 0808 800 6000 who can give you some guidance around wigs and discuss what options there are. It's open 9am-4pm weekdays and 9am-1pm Saturdays. You can also ask our nurses questions on the Ask Our Nurses part of our Forum here.

Take care,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care x


Hair loss and wigs



I have recently been diagnosed with stage 2 invasive lobular breast cancer. I start chemo next week, followed by surgery then radiotherapy.


I didn't realise most of my hair would fall out after the first chemo and I am now worried I haven't been to look at wigs etc. I have no idea about wigs, but heard about a hair replacement system which a friend of a friend had, costing £1900 with regular servicing at £85 every four weeks. Against the cost of a human hair wig, it seems comparable.


Anyone had one of these, and any advice regarding what to look for in a wig, in terms of quality, fit, price and how long it takes to get one.