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Just diagnosed this week


Re: Just diagnosed this week

When they tell you all the treatments it seems endless and overwhelming doesn't it, but I found it easier once it got started. I had to be re-tested for Her2 and they explained that if it was positive the chemo would shrink the lump hugely before the op, sometimes they even disappear, so it makes the op more effective, gives better margins. It also treats the whole body and any stray cells including nodes. I was worried about delays and spread but they reassured me it doesn't happen that quickly so the time frames are safe. Even if it has gone to the nodes it can still be treated effectively. It's tricky. If you have to have a particular treatment you worry about needing it, if you don't have to have a treatment you then start to worry they're not doing enough! They reassured me that a big team makes the decisions based on lots of research. I know now that each step of the treatment gives results that help refine or even change the next step, so I should have just dealt with each treatment as it came. Easier said than done, but you're not alone, loads of us are on this journey and it will get easier. And in the meantime there is lots of support to get you through so don't keep worries to yourself like I did to begin with but ask your drs/nurses/phonelines all your questions. All the best.
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Re: Just diagnosed this week

Hi dobby 👭👭get a little note book and write all your questions down for your onc, you will have different ones each round of chemo. Get a chemo caddy ready, biotiene mouth slosh a little soft child’s toothbrush, oral hygiene is a big must during chemo. Anosol pile cream just in case the steroids give you piles, it can happen. Ask your onc which chemo he plans to give you and how many cycles so you have a clear plan you can focus on. Get a thermometer you need to keep close eye on your temp during chemo. Get yourself booked on look good feel better with your local Mcmillan center. Ask about wigs in there too they do pre loved wigs you can also ask your onc about a wig voucher also the medical exempt card too. Also get your check up at dentist too before starting chemo, they will get you straight in when you tell them you are starting chemo. Join a chemo thread on here, you will have much love and support as you all 🥊🥊🥊you way through 👭👭👭we are always all here and will help you as we can on your journey ❤️❤️You should also get a rapid response card when you start chemo, keep this on you at all times and show it if you need to because you’ll be seen ASAP if you need it and it also has your units number on for rapid response. I had the number on speed dial during chemo and checked every little thing with them but that’s the way they like it, they like you being vigilant and keep safe ❤️❤️❤️Keep 💪💪💪💪and you just have to let the experts mend you 👍👍you will get your own breast nurse too that should be assigned to you. Hope this helps you darling😘😘💕💕💕✨✨✨Shi xx

Re: Just diagnosed this week

Thank you for this information, 


I see Oncologist tomorrow but they not starting chemo for another 2 weeks so very anxious at present.  Its not in the nodes but by leaving it surely it will end up there? 


Scared is an understatement right now. 


Re: Just diagnosed this week

Hi Dobby12 I have similar diagnose and plan and started chemo on 8 January. Look for the January 2019 chemo starters forum - there’s loads of advice and tips there. Several ladies are trying cold capping. I found my oncologist and breast cancer oncology nurse fantastic you can ask anything that comes to mind. Good luck and hugs to you x

Just diagnosed this week

I have being diagnosed as having HER2 positive invasive ductal.


I understand not spread to the lymph nodes yet.   See oncologist for treatment plan on Tuesday. 


Seems a lot of treatment 



* Operation 

* Radiotherapy


It is in one breast lump size is 4cm with another on the same 1.5cm. 


Can say it came hard the diagnosis - so learning as much as I can.  


Any advice?  Does cold capping work as thinking of this?  What questions should I ask the oncologist as don't know where to start?