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Newly diagnosed, mainly annoyed! 😄


Re: Newly diagnosed, mainly annoyed! 😄

Hi Azura,


Welcome to the forum...the fantastic club, no one would chose to join!


It's good that you seem to have taken this on the chin so far, we all respond to life's thrills and spills differently, and as I'm sure you appreciate our response can change over time. If you haven't already, I'd suggest you tell some close friends, just in case your feelings change from annoyance to anything else (which is likely to happen at some point in time).


It can end up being bit of a roller coaster of a journey however you will find loads of good advice on the forum, other women who are either going through it or who have popped out the other end to share ouu's, ahh's and the odd argh with, plus guidance documents on the website generally.


Just so you are aware, you can send messages to a nurse on the questions to nurses section, there's a younger women's group and area on the forum, plus a phone line to speak to someone at Breast Cancer Care for any advice (including a nurse), and/or to be put in touch with someone who is going through, or who has gone through a similar type of diagnosis and treatment.


Loads of us here for if/when the annoyance morphs into any other emotions. You may even find a few other snowboarders (albeit on a break)!


Seabreeze (5 years on and logging on to give back!)  




Newly diagnosed, mainly annoyed! 😄


I’m Azura, I’m 43 and I’m in Bristol. Found recently a lump, just a little bean-like thing, and have been going through all the rigmarole over the last two or three weeks. Was diagnosed last week with a 1.5cm grade 3, lymph nodes are clear, and found out yesterday it’s a triple negative. The MRI I had Tuesday showed nothing anywhere else, which was a relief.  Should be seeing the oncologist next week about starting chemo, as they don’t want to do the surgery yet pending the results of a gene test (means the difference between a lumpectomy, and the full goodbye boobs). 
How am I feeling about it all? Well, not too bad, actually. The clinic have been insistent that it’s been caught early and is very treatable, so I’m surprisingly relaxed and positive, just a bit irritated that it’s happened and I’ve got months of hassle and feeling blah ahead as a result. I’ve only just learned to snowboard, so that’s that probably knocked on the head for a while. Fun and games, eh? 🤷🏻‍♀️