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iagnosed in December

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Re: Diagnosed in February

Hi ,welcome to the forum .Your diagnosis sounds similar to mine ( although I was grade 2 ) - my treatment was very straightforward ,lumpectomy ,3 weeks radiothaerpy and then hormone therapy .Hopefully all will be as it seems for you but be prepared for things to change a little post op as they don't have all the information til they operate .There is lots of advice and support on this forum - if you want any advice re surgery etc go to the going through treatment section of the forum.Best of luck on Thursday - you will feel much better once that is over with .Jill x





Re: Diagnosed in February



I have recently been diagnosed with Grade 1 Invasive ductacl cancer estrogen and progesterone positive. My lump is 8mm. I am booked in for a lumpectomy next Thursday - at the moment they are saying I will only need Radiotheraphy, depending on what they find when they do lymp node biopsies. Initial lymph node biopsy was negative. Keeping everything crossed x

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Re: iagnosed in December

Hi Rita, sorry you’ve had a bc diagnosis but very pleased you’ve had it seen to early and are in treatment and it’s being sorted 👍on rads drink plenty of fluid and keep hydrated, maintain your weight throughout rads and air your boob and go braless as much as you can. Vest tops are good under clothes and floaty scarfs ties that drape down your front when going braless and cream, cream cream your boob, don’t know how it works in USA but Uk teams keep close eye on your skin during rads to ensure all ok. We get 3 small tattoos here in the uk for rads, one in the middle of the chest and then one either side of the body so they can line you up on machine. You are 💪💪💪💪and sounds like you have your 🥊🥊🥊on to sock the sucker right out 👍💕💕✨✨✨Shi xx

iagnosed in December

Hi all,


I wanted to introduce myself. I was diagnosed on December 12th with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I underwent surgery on December 27th. They removed 1.5cm of tissue and the sentinal lymph node. The margins were clear and and there was no cancer in the lymph node. The cancer was ER+ & PR+. Her3 was negative.


I saw my Med Oncologist yesterday, and he said that given the pathology of my cancer, he doesn't think I would benefit from Chemo. So, next week, I see my Rad Oncologist. I'll definitely be getting radiation and then on to hormone therapy. At this time, the hormone therapy will be for 5 years and then at that time they will re-evaluate if I need to go for longer.


This is been a huge learning experience for me!! I'm am the first in my family to have cancer ... not just breast cancer, but any type of cancer. So to say I was surprised is putting it mildly.


Although I was diagnosed with cancer, I am grateful that it was caught so early. I'm only at Stage 1, Grade 1 cancer. I'm also very lucky that my husband has been so supportive. I was really worried about how he would handle it because his mother died from breast cancer ... but he has been my rock!! He has gone to every appointment with me and is very active with research and questions to ask the doctor.


I'm staying as positive as I can as I KNOW I can beat this!!


Rita S.

Fort Worth, TX, USA