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Second opinion after being Dismissed by consultant

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Re: Second opinion after being Dismissed by consultant

I agree go back to your GP, explain you were unhappy with the dismissive attitude. I too would have thought at the least you'd have a proper manual examination and possibly a mammogram given the circumstances. Any hospital unit has a number of consultant breast surgeons, so it should be entirely possible to be seen by someone else.


Re: Second opinion after being Dismissed by consultant



I would go back to your GP and explain to them your concerns. They sounded on the ball by

giving you an urgent referral.

Ask to see another consultant. I saw a consultant once and refused to see her again, you have that

choice, afterall it is your body.


I don't think you are misusing the NHS that is what it is there for.


I hope your mum's results are clear.

Best wishes


Second opinion after being Dismissed by consultant

I’m experiencing breast pain for the last three months, it hurts without any connection to my cycle so I went to see a GP who did examinations and based on my family history suggested urgent referral to a breast clinic.
The consultant hardly touched me and said I have nothing to worry about, I have zero confidence in how she dealt with it, she completely avoided the painful areas and the whole examination was very brief.
I am not one to panic, an still young (30) BUT my mum had breast cancer 13 years ago and now is waiting for biopsy results for a suspected return.
First time her cancer was discovered by scanning and not by examination so I feel a bit uneasy about the way I was dismissed.
At the end of the appointment the consultant said if my mum cancer has in fact returned I should mention it to the GP who might refer me again for further tests.
Am I being unreasonable by feeling a bit let down? I don’t believe in misusing the nhs and am happy to pay for any scans but after seeing the consultant I feel like I’m making it up
Should I insist on a second option in a different hospital?