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i have issue

Regina Dallin

Re: i have issue

I really wish I had been tested for the brac1 gene.  I was notified by my cousins that there was a possibility.  I would suggest to be tested to avoid the hell that you go through when they find the cancer.  I really wish there was someone around to tell me "go get tested"!!!


Re: i have issue

Hi maxbale


I wonder if you meant to reply to a post on an existing thread rather than starting a new thread?  i suggest that you find the post you were responding to and click on reply at the bottom of the post. This will open a comment box where you can post your reply.


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i have issue

hi everyone

Rattles iv not heard about this but i know we dont offer testing for kids because its an adult onset disease..... However i know that parent with some other genetic disorders whose to have their children tested.

I presume this doctor is meaning to test those with an exiting gene in the family and not just testing a bus load of school kids.

I know my kids have known about me having brca2 since they were at high school and although they are both of an age to be tested they havent chosen to do so yet.

I think if my adult children dont want to know yet it would be very mean to have forced this on them no matter how much i want to know... And i do want to know, especially now that i have mets. i would like to encourage my daughter to have risk reducing surgery if she was positive.... But its not my choice to make!

Its tricky because its so controversial.... Gonna look into it a bit more now though.