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Antidepressants while on Anastrazole and Zolodex anyone?

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Re: Antidepressants while on Anastrazole and Zolodex anyone?


I've never ever had depression or anxiety, not even when diagnosed 2 years ago, but these past few months I have definitely suffered from low mood and some anxiety not related to cancer but just random worrying thoughts, and then being worried about being anxious and not feeling like myself. Also poor sleep, something that I've NEVER experienced before, even when I was working and under stress - I used to be able to sleep for England whatever was going on in my life. Therefore I put it down to Anastrozole. 

Like you, I was/am reluctant to seek advice or meds for this, probably for similar reasons to you, and wanted to try another approach. 

Having seen a programme - Michael Mosely I think on TV - about Kefir, I researched it and there was some interesting stuff about the link between gut bacteria and the brain.

Long story short, I ordered 3 weeks worth on-line which i have just finished and the outcome is promising - I feel more cheerful and am sleeping properly again. Now this may just be the placebo effect, but if it is I'm all for placebos if they work. We're not allowed to mention brands on here so i won't, but what i bought wasn't the supermarket stuff that is apparently pasturised.

The first mouthful was vile - smelt and tasted like goat - but I got used to it and it doesn't taste so vile any more, though I did down each daily glass very quickly.....


I certainly wouldn't rule out anti depressant or anti anxiety meds if required - there is a place for them I'm sure and I know some people benefit from them greatly - but I wanted to try alternatives first.


I hope you are able to get some useful insight into anti depression and anti anxiety meds from those who have used them successfully so that you can make an informed decision as to whether they may help you. X


Re: Antidepressants while on Anastrazole and Zolodex anyone?

Hello MysteryMouse


It sounds as though you are in a very difficult place at them moment; I do empathize.


Have you discussed your concerns in detail with your GP and with your Oncologist?


Different antidepressants work in different ways, and different individuals respond very differently to the same drug, so it would be very difficult for any of us to give advice on their impact on health, or on what to expect when ceasing to take them. You need to discuss this with your GP and you could also ask a pharmacist at the chemists from which you collect your prescription. 


The Aromatase Inhibitors are well known for causing depression in patients, so perhaps this is something to discuss with your medical oncologist who first prescribed Anastrozole.


As for stigma, depression is something which the bravest and most stable of people can suffer from, so do not feel bad in any way by admitting to it. It takes strength to acknowledge having mental health issues, strength to seek help, and strength to find a solution. 


Good luck.


Antidepressants while on Anastrazole and Zolodex anyone?

Hello ladies


Just wondering if anyone is taking antidepressants while on Anastrazol and Zolodex?  I have been feeling really low and I seem to be getting increasing anxious about everything not even related to cancer and can't switch the worry and the ocd mind off!


Never had antidepressants before even though I was diagnosed 4 years ago, and not really keen but just wanted to know if others have been in my shoes and what did you do?  If you tried antidepressants was it helpful? How long did you need to take them for and what happens when you stop them is the anxiety etc still there or worse?  I think I am a bit scared and because I have resisted this far I don't want to feel like a failure in doing so.  


Would be great to feel calmer and more mellow but am scared I think because of the stigma and possible risks.


Really would like to hear of others experiences of antidepressants postive or negative.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Thank you!