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Can you feel your tumor shrinking?


Re: Can you feel your tumor shrinking?

I'm inspired to hear the above Heather! I was told by my surgeon that if I wanted to defer surgery and see if my Letrozole shrinks the cancer significantly to be able to avoid a mastectomy and instead, opt for lumpectomy I'd need to give it 9-18 months! I'm surprised (but happy) to hear that yours has started to shrink so soon after starting your hormone therapy. That's great news! 



Re: Can you feel your tumor shrinking?

Yes I did, I was having chemo to stop mine in its tracks and was told it was a tumour that wouldn't shrink. So we weren't expecting it. However, throughout the 6 months I could feel it shrinking, it was very painful too which is a good sign. After I had my double mastectomy, my tumour had gone. Completely disappeared, it went from 8.7cm to nothing. 


Re: Can you feel your tumor shrinking?

Welcome Heather
First if all, it’s good to hear the anastrozole is working & an interesting point you raise about the pains you’re having.
As it has shrunk so much, well...then why not!
ann x


Can you feel your tumor shrinking?

Hey all, this is my first post. Hello!

I've been on anastrozole for two and a half months to shrink my blob. And it's working—it's gone from 2.7 cm to 1.4 cm.


This is an odd question—but I'm haivng these weird pains in my breast and was wondering if anyone else had experienced them. They may be related to my needle biopsy but I like to believe that I can literally feel the cancer breaking down.


Is it just me?