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Has anyone had an ok experience on HT


Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Thanks for all the positive messages!

Started Zoladex a week ago. 

So far so good but I know it is very early days!  Start Anastrazole in two weeks and going to stay positive!

My Dexa scan isn't happening due to the GP radiographers all being furloughed but I will remind my doc when things get a bit less crazy. 

I have got myself a smorgasbord of supplements, have gone veggie and switched to all natural products. Who knows if any of that helps but it makes me feel healthier!

Back running four times a week, strength and conditioning in between and working with a sports therapist.

Best wishes to all you wonderful ladies and I hope your journey continues to be a positive one. 




Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

That’s brilliant Zappafan,

Thank you for sharing.

 I just finished my first month of Leprozole but then again chemotherapy had already started my menopause. Side effects are ok so far (hot flushes and some bone pain). Nothing too bad and I am combating both with exercise! Joe Wicks (free on You Tube every week day) in the morning and free yoga on my app every evening. I have seen huge benefits to my mood and body strength.


 I can highly recommend!

Stay safe and so far so good with radiotherapy,





Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Hi, I too have been looking for less negative experiences of HT. I am 66 years old and not really as fit as I should be - lockdown isn’t really helping.  

I had a lumpectomy for invasive lobular cancer in early April.  Have been on Letrazole, Ibandranol and calcium/vit D for a month now and to be honest I haven’t had any side effects at all. I start 23 sessions of radiotherapy in 2 days time.   I know it is early days yet but I really did expect something to happen. Not that I’m complaining.  

I have searched other well known forums but really haven’t found anything but horror stories. Like others I do believe that forums of most subjects seem to focus on the negative but as a pretty optimistic, glass half full person, I am sure there must be thousands out there whose experiences have not been that bad.

I do believe the doctors have to explain all aspects of a medication and the patient advisory leaflets in the pill boxes are pretty scary but we are all different and react to that information in different ways, just as our bodies react in different ways to the medication.

I hope things are not as bad as you think they might be.  Take care x




Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Hi. I’m 42 and living with secondary breast cancer (in my bones and lung) and am on letrozole and zoladex (also denosumab and Palbociclib). I just wanted to add in that I am fit and well - work full time, walk for several hours a day, do yoga and dance fit (pre the virus). Being on treatment has in no way stopped me from doing everything I did before I was diagnosed. I also don’t need to take regular painkillers. I’d agree with Jaybro that people are more likely to use the forum for things if you’re having issues - I know there are lots of ladies out there living full and active lives on hormone therapy. X


Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Dear Stringybean, Jay and third poster (sorry can’t see your name now!)

Thank you so much for posting here. I am a bit scared of looking at the other threads outside ‘my’ monthly thread as I also get scared reading posts on here! 


I am in a similar situation to you Stringybean, I am 45 had lumpectomy + lymph node clearance and I might have a mastectomy but that is on hold because of the pandemic. My oncologist started me on hormone treatment before radiotherapy (I have 15 treatments + boosters to go through in May). However, I am fit, exercise, eat well, do yoga and feel fine, bar the hot flushes that chemo has initiated and a little joint tenderness also due to chemo. My heart sunk reading the side effects of Letrozole, Anadronic acid and prostap that I have been prescribed. Therefore your post is giving me hope!

 I do hope to get on as well as you all.

Take care,




Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Hi Stringybean


I just wanted to say that the people who post here are much more likely to be those with negative experiences so you do get a rather skewed impression of things. I remember posting during my treatment for advice about losing taste during chemo and I got one reply saying “that didn’t happen to me.“ That didn’t go down very well lol.


I thought I was having a terrible time on anastrozole after 3 months of not even noticing I was on it. It coincided with a change of brand so I obsessed over tracing the right brand (not easily accessible to the small pharmacies like mine). Then I stopped it for 4 weeks to allow my very sore muscles and joints to improve before going back on the original brand. Nothing improved. It turns out the likely cause of my muscle/joint pain is my 6-monthly zometa infusion! So, assuming this is right, I can honestly say the worst I have had from anastrozole is a mild hot flush about an hour after taking it. I also know if you’re a candidate for osteoporosis, an additional treatment is prescribed, as well as calcium and vit D3 tablets. 


Like you, I hoped to get radiotherapy out of the way before starting anastrozole but the sooner you start hormone therapy, the happier they are. Best of luck with your treatments.

Jan x




Re: Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Hi there

Just wanted to respond to give you some reassurance around HT. I am same age as you and started tamoxifen five years ago. About 8 months after chemo, my periods re-started so I was then prescribed zoladex. Overall, I have been fine with only minimal flushes and joint pain. I do seem to react to different tamoxifen brands, Teva, Tillomed and Wockhardt have been fine but Relon not. I have managed to continue working, run family home and exercise-yoga and running, including half marathon! I have changed my diet and do eat much better than pre-diagnosis and tend to only drink alcohol at the weekends. I’ve not suffered with any depression and anxiety. I’ve had the odd scare about recurrence, but I tend not to go to the GP unless the health worry has persisted for a few weeks. All well so far. Hope that gives you some reassurance. 
Best wishes with it all. 


Has anyone had an ok experience on HT

Hello all


Had diagnosis of stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma in December. 


Lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removal in Jan. Lymph nodes and margins were clear. Just finished a week of intensive radiotherapy.


Due to have follow up with oncologist about drug regime on 30.4. via telephone as no visits to hospital at present due to Covid-19.


He was going to put me on Tamoxifen. However due to the fact that I am waiting a laperoscopy for suspected endometriosis, he has asked the gynae consultant for advice.


They have both agreed Zoladex and Anastrazole. I am 46 and pre menopausal.


I had not given an awful lot of thought to this as I wanted to get through radiotherapy first.


Anyway, I have just been reading the forum and I am now terrified! It seems like everyone suffers from osteoporosis, anxiety and depression and joint pain as a result of HT!


When I had my last session of radiotherapy, I thought I was on a home run, however it appears I could have another ten years of pain coming my way! I know that everyone is different but from what I am reading, it doesn't bode well!


I am very sporty, generally eat well and am in pretty good nick so I hope this will help. I just even hate taking pain killers!


I have a list of questions for the oncologist but he is not the easiest man to talk to and I am not good in telephone conversations at the best of times!


So it would be great to hear from people who have done ok on HT as right now, I am really scared my quality of life is about to nosedive.


Also any tips on questions to ask the oncologist would be gratefully received! 


Thanks xx