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Late side effects Anastrazole.


Re: Late side effects Anastrazole.

Hi Frances333, I’m also oestrogen positive and HER2+. I’ve been taking Anastrazole since February 18. I’ve found that my SEs have got markedly worse over the past couple of months. My sleep quality is getting worse, I have tingling in my forearms and hands especially noticeable at night as is my anxiety. I’m very upbeat & positive by nature but I’ve noticed I’ve had a couple of real down days recently that could be the darker shorter days I’ve always been affected by those a little. I’m constantly fighting against UTIs which I did when I first took it alongside herceptin but that improved for a while after I finished that but is back now. I think a lot of that is to do with vaginal atrophy another joyful thing. I’m only 52 and was told that I was post menopausal before I started treatment and my oncologist insisted on testing me again at my 6 month check after chemo finished because she couldn’t believe that I was! I’ve avoided reading too much about the side effects until recently because I wanted to keep an open mind. I looked into them when I had a routine full blood test that showed liver toxicity and high cholesterol which are a common SE. I was sent for an abdominal scan just to check everything because fortunately my GP is cautious with my history. That came back ok apart from a slight kidney issue which was decided to be in normal range. I’m very grateful for follow up treatment which TN ladies don’t have but I’m wondering if the risk/benefit figures stack up for me. If it’s affecting my quality of life would I better off not taking it. I know that the long term compliance with anastrazole is not great because of SEs and I was determined to be good but now I’m not so sure. I’m going to search for more info on here and try to contact my oncologist who has signed me off until I’ve been on anastrazole for 5 years. I’m due 2nd dexa scan next spring my first was fine. If I find anything useful I’ll report back. In the meantime I wish you well xx
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Re: Late side effects Anastrazole.

Hi Frances,


Thank you for your comment and sorry to read you're experiencing some negative side effects of your treatment. If you like, you can speak to one of our clinical nurses who may be able to advise about your treatment and medication. You can call them free on 0808 800 600 from Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm. Or Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm.


Alternatively, you could post this message to our Ask Our Nurses page where they can Reply to it.


I hope this helps.


Sending best wishes 🙂



Late side effects Anastrazole.

Evening all. My BC was oestrogen+8 and HER2+. Been on Anastrazole since September 2017. First year was fairly ok but this last year I’ve had general malaise, mood swings, weepy times etc. Had 2nd year mammogram August which was clear. Lately though I have been getting a lot of joint pain, back aches, shoulder aches, pelvic aches, wrist aches etc. Before I got the odd finger joint pain but I do a lot of knitting and crocheting and knee aches but at 66 I can expect aches and pains. Dexa scan before starting Anastrazole showed I had just gone into the osteoporotic range.  Can’t tolerate oral bisophonates so had a Zometa infusion which was fine.

im sure I read somewhere ages ago that Anastrazole can cause late side effects a couple of years down the line. Does anyone know this or where I can find it please.

I am having a bone scan just to rule out anything nasty and it maybe the Anastrazole, the osteoporosis, age or arthritis. It’s intermittent and in several places and both sides of body. If anyone can help about late side effects I would be grateful.

Many thanks.

Frances......who is now going back to crying her eyes out watching Children In Need 😭 xxx