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Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !


Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !



I have stage 4 breast with spread.  Letrozle 100 % is awful, but anything to keep me alive is welcome.  And fully agree too re my mental peace.


Do you have a Mc nurse....  If so ask for help.  I did and now get reflexology, eight sessions one a month, and they have connected me to the  Consultant clinical psychologist at my local hospice and have been invited to join a new meeting in two weeks time where ten of us will do a ten week mindfulness course on line all together for two hours per week.  Really  looking forward to it.  


Both have diverted my selfinward's thoughts and something positive, not least the length of the sessions, eight months and ten weeks.  My focal points are now in the future as why otherwise would the time be wasted on someone who is terminally ill.....  I have the certificate 


Hope this helps, but chatting on here does too.  It is my saviour and lifeline


Big hugs






Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !

Hello Daisy 
so sorry to hear about your diagnosis too. Like you mine came out of the blue as part of an investigation into another health issue. 

it’s completely uptipped my world. Like you I’m getting a lot of Letrezole side effects. The hot flushes are worse than they were during my menopause. I’m finding it hard to think a pill as tiny as it is will stop my cancer spreading further . 

I hope your further discussion with oncologist goes ok. Mine is next eeek too. I just feel lots of pathways are blocked to me right now. 

it’s so scary and I have trouble switching off from it. Work used to be my passion and salvation during tricky times but I’m shielding and have been too unwell with other stuff to attend. As I’ve decided to take ill health retirement I need to restart some hobbies I guess. 
Trouble is fear and worry is winning right now. 
Good luck Daisy 


Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !


I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. The group has been a lifeline these past few weeks. Just reading about others in a similar situation does help. You’re not alone . 

I think the fear and depression is inevitable with what we are facing . More  especially as we are in the middle of a pandemic too. 

Fully understand around going out. I was actually jealous of my hubby going shopping for us to Asda the other day.

Been shielding since November too and have decided due to lack of treatment options to retire from work. After 24 years service it will be hard but the future doesn’t look great so time for me is what I’m thinking now. 

Do you have support st home ? I hope so. The isolation is hard and even with support you still feel ‘alone’. I said this the other day that nobody can understand unless you’ve got cancer yourself. 
Sending a hug and we are here if you need us, xx 



Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !

I started Letrozole in November.  Shock diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer with spread.  Also on second 21 day course of Palbociclib.


Feel dreadful most days, ill on others.  Depression now setting in.  Being supervunerble and not allowed out except for a short walk.....  due to covid, which we are all  having to deal with, isolation is horrendous.  Just being allowed to get a pint of milk from the supermarket would be the equivalent of going on a world wide cruise at the moment.


Found you guys today and so glad I did.  Wonderful to know I am not alone, both in my thoughts and shielding.


Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !

Hello - I am also 54 on letrzole - diagnosis - about 3 months ago - bilateral brest cancer - left brest 22mm lump carcinoma right 55mm lump lobular er positive no swollen lymph nodes but had double masectomy last week 2/2 lumph nodes positive on biopsy.

Its all really scary as the diagnosis came out of nowhere a lump appeared a few months back and here I am - further treatment to be discussed next week with oncologist. 

Letrozole - not nice either got all the side effects but changed to the Accord brand has helped a little. Not the epitome of health before diagnosis but walked regularly and diet was Ok too ( no alcohol, smoking a little red meat).

I did feel whilst I was on letrozole before surgery that the lump was getting softer and seemed to have shifted but maybe all  in my mind.  Best of luck to you - its best to switch off from the cancer every now and again (hard) as otherwise it gets all consuming and depressing I find.


Re: Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !

Wish I could advise, but I can;t. I'm on letrazole though, and have various side effects.

Do hope you're ok. I think the fear is something that never leaves us. Gutting.

Sending hugs



Letrezole, Health Barriers to treatment, loneliness and fear !


Hello newly diagnosed with Grade 3 Ductal Carcinoma ER, PR, HER & node +++ . I’m 54. Tumour in left breast 3cm x 3cm and axillary nodes cancerous. Full axillary clearance advised if surgery can go ahead due to other health issues. 
Body & Bone scan clear . MUGA scan on Thursday. 

Due to significant other underlying health conditions chemo and Herceptin not an option,  surgery possibly in 6-9mths unless tumour doesn’t reduce in which case maybe sooner but I’m a high risk,  then radiotherapy at the end.  

Started Letrozole last week . Taking one a day . Some pain now in the breast and lymph area. Armpit was swollen on original examination my oncologist said. Would that pain now be the Letrozole working ?

Does anyone have any experiences similar to mine 
with additional health barriers or just having Letrozole as a treatment first. 

Would be lovely to know I’m not alone as I feel very much so right now as all online/text book advice/ help is geared towards traditional therapies and not someone whose options are limited. 

I feel very afraid of it spreading.