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Letrozole chills And other side effects.


Letrozole chills And other side effects.

I started on Letrozole in February and I was given the brand Cipla. The only side effect I had was hot flushes.

When that prescription was renewed by my GP I was given the brand Accord. After taking for 6 days I started to get the most horrendous chills it took a long time to get warm to the point my husband went to get a hot water bottles with plenty of blankets, heating and fire on. After taking for 18 days I contacted the GP who gave me another prescription to see if I could get Cipla. Which fortunately my pharmacy was able to get.

The worry I have now is what if I start having side effects from Cipla. Taken 2 up to now.

Re the chills they have now stopped.

How long did it take for you to have side effects from your medication.

Lind x