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Letrozole side effects


Re: Letrozole side effects

You're very welcome.



Re: Letrozole side effects

That's great Emily, I will do that.
Thank You

Re: Letrozole side effects

Hi Andi


It's Emily here from Breast Cancer Care.


While you're waiting for responses on here, I wanted to let you know that we've got a few telephone volunteers who have taken Letrozole and experienced vaginal dryness. They're all people who understand the discomfort and are happy to discuss and share their experience.


If you'd like to speak to a volunteer, feel free to give us a call on 0345 077 1893. We'll take a few details from you so that we can find you the most suitable volunteer who has the most in common with you, and put you in touch.


Best wishes

Emily at Breast Cancer Care



Letrozole side effects

Hi All
Looking for comments/advice on this please.

I have been taking Letrozole for almost 4 months and the side effects are manageable apart from the vaginal dryness.
I'm using Replens on prescription which has had a marginal improvement.
Has anyone experienced this and it has abated over time?
There is much discussion about some initial side effects resolving over time but I'm unsure if this is one of them?
I'm quite sore most of the time and intimacy is proving difficult.

Has anyone any experience of this unpleasant side effect calming down over time?
Or can anyone offer advice on how to provide a solution? I'm happy to try herbal or natural remedies as well.
I'm going to visit my GP next week but in the meantime if anyone can join in with comments I would be very grateful.
Thanks everyone x