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Makes of Letrozole


Re: Makes of Letrozole

Hi Carolina, a similar thing happened to me, I was initially given Accord then after a few months was given the Cipla brand, which I had problems with and I’m not the only person on this site to experience that, I went back to Accord, and the symptoms settled down, I’m still on it over two years later, and generally everything is okay, a few minor aches but not bad at all. I can’t speak about carpal tunnel but I did get trigger finger after about 6 months, then that went away without any treatment a few months later. A pharmacist did tell me that we should stay on the same brand and you can request to do that at the chemist you use, if you have any problems doing so I would speak to your GP. Also, there are quite a few brands so if you are getting side effects, try others until you find one that suits you and stick with that one, that said I think Accord is one that ladies seem to find suits them. Kxx

Carolina Moon

Makes of Letrozole

Hi Ladies
I'm now only 2 months on Accord Letrozole. I now have carpal tunnel in my right hand. It's excruciating pain
I am ready to start on my 3rd month of Letrozole, but it's a different brand made by MANX.
Should I have been given the Accord brand and nor MANX brand
Does anyone know if I should ask for the same brand while going through this treatment

Thinking of you all 🙏 Caroline x