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Mylan discontinued - Any thoughts on alternative brands?

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Re: Mylan discontinued - Any thoughts on alternative brands?

Hi Greekspeak - you have had a lot thrown at you over the last 5 years, so not surprising you feel weepy. I really hope you are recovering from Covid and Lyme’s. I totally understand your frustration that a drug you have tolerated has been stopped - that happened to me too.

I had always taken Teva until that was discontinued, and I’ve been on Wockhardt ever since. That seems to be ok for me (touch wood). I have read that you can still get Teva in 10mg tablets, so would take 2 a day rather than one 20mg, but I haven’t yet got round to asking my GP or pharmacist. Maybe it’s worth asking your GP as Teva seems to be well tolerated from what I read on this forum.

Sending you big hugs and hope you manage to find a brand that suits you.

Evie xx


Mylan discontinued - Any thoughts on alternative brands?

Hi All, 

I’ve been been on Mylan Tam 20mg for five years and as you all probably know it’s been discontinued. I’m disappointed as I seem to tolerate this brand fairly well and have had a long road to get to the level of health I am right now post lumpectomy. Then the rads rapidly followed by  a pre menopause total emergency hysterectomy with the then full on surgical menopause that followed. Along with both my sisters dying of cancer in those 5 years I feel my mental and physical health have been tested to the limits. Mylan gives me some side effects but it’s difficult to tell what’s having no ovaries or what’s the Tamoxifen. 

so my question is what have people tried since Mylan and Teva (which lots of people seemed to tolerate a bit better than other brands) have been discontinued? Which brand to try? 

I’m feeling really nervous about trying other brands, quite weepy at the thought of having to go through another #*## storm. This isn’t all helped by having been ill with Covid for three and a half months and I’ve just had a bout of Lymes Disease - argh! Any advice would be so greatly appreciated- thanks in advance 😉