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Hi all,

I am a 54 years female diagnosed with BRCA1. I had surgery to remove a cancerous lump between the pelvis and abdominal area in Jan 2018. The doctors suspected that the primary source was my ovaries. Midway of my 18 sessions of chemo ( carbo and taxol) , my ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus were surgically removed.

Upon completion of my chemotherapy, I undertook bilateral mastectomy and breast impants in January 2019 as both breasts had invasive cancer ( 1-1.3 cm). One of twenty lymph nodes was cancerous. I m faced with worry on radiation.

Meanwhile I am prescribed with Letrozole which I m consuming. To counter the recurrence of ovarian cancer, the oncologist suggested that I opt for Olaparid which is both expensive and carries many side effects. My husband and I are not in favour of this. Up till now, the surgeons could not confirm that I had ovarian cancer. Anyone like me BRCA 1 of a similar situation taking or taking any medication for ovarian cancer ? I hope to hear of advice from anyone.

Thank you