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Palbociclib & Covid


Re: Palbociclib & Covid

Thanks jill for the response. Have posted to the link you sent. Appreciate your help. 

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Re: Palbociclib & Covid

Hi Sian ,there are quite a few people on that treatment on the forum .It may be best if you re-post this question in the secondary section of the forum where more people who are on this treatment will see it .I will post you a link x. Jill.




Palbociclib & Covid

Can someone be brutually honest and offer advice about the side effects of  this drug - my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in January after hiding a lump for 18months. After scans, it's spread to bones and lung & diagnosis is stage 4. She has been offered this drug along with Denosumab (which is the injection into her belly), however the side effects in the fact sheets are pretty scary. She refused it last visit to the cancer hospital about 6weeks ago as would mean she would have to shield & I vowed to investigate on these forums how it may effect her.

My primary concern is that her immune system will weaken and the side effects sound similar to some of covid - temperature, chest infections etc and id be scared that we will be constantly thinking she has that. 


Can someone please let me know how they get on