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Tamoxifen Shortage?

Community Champion

Re: Tamoxifen Shortage?

Hi Michele - thank you for the tip/warning, I just called my local pharmacist and was told that all brands of Tamoxifen are hard to get at the moment. He says the shortage is short term with some brands, and he told me to call back in a week to get an update. I haven’t tried Tillomed. Fingers crossed they restock quickly - but interesting what Wockhardt said to you. As if we don’t have enough to worry about! Hugs, Evie xx


Tamoxifen Shortage?

Good Morning. I have been taking Tamoxifen for three years after having BC surgery. I started on Wockhardt and asked my GP to put this brand on my prescription. Yesterday, when I picked up my prescription, the pharmacist said she can no longer get this brand and offered me Tillomed. My chemist also said that four other brands are also not available. I tried quite a few other chemists and no Wockhardt. I emailed the company yesterday and they have confirmed that production has stopped and all existing stock has been distributed. They have no definite date for production to restart but maybe February 2021.

Has anyone tried the Tillomed brand?

Thanks Michele