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Tamoxifen Symptoms

Community Champion

Anastrazole - anyone able to help ?

Bumping back up for you, with a changed title, hoping someone will come along who can answer (I can't 😉


Tamoxifen Symptoms

Hi all,

So ive been on Tamoxifen since 29th Dec. A few hic ups at the beginning but all seemed OK. Then 6/7 weeks on I started having low down uterus pain like period pains. Some days it's OK but others it very uncomfortable and I have to sit with a hot water bottle on my tummy to ease the pain.

Today I have spoken to my Oncologist and she said what's happening is not a usual side effect and to stop taking it from now for a few mths, get it out my system and then she is putting me on Anastrazole.

So questions about Anastrazole. Does anyone get on OK with this drug? Reading the side effects it's just as bad as Tamoxifen. 

Would love to hear some positive Anastrazole journeys 🤞

Much love

CB xx