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Tamoxifen and cysts


Re: Tamoxifen and cysts

I also had an ovarian cyst picked up on my CT scan when I was diagnosed last year so would be interested to see if anyone has any problems since starting Tamoxifen. I started Tamoxifen in August and have had a few issues in my pelvic area which I wondered may be related to the cyst.


Tamoxifen and cysts

Has any has cysts prior to taking tamoxifen and had any further problems with them since taking tamoxifen?

i had stage 1 breast cancer, ER + 2 (borderline) and HER2 negative. Discovered at CT Scan that i had a cyst on my ovary (think this has been the cause!) and not had any problems with it.  I did see gynaecology as another unrelated issue which is fine and i still need the check up, was booked to go, but it was same day as chemo and couldn’t face the wait in between. Oncology didn’t actually mention this to me in the first place, so in effect i am not meant to know, but I had to get my file and found it out that way, think they were also checking this at the gynaecology appointment but didn’t mention it to me at all (nobody been very forthcoming with info!).

thank you 😊